Embrace Technology Because I’m Too Young for a Paper Shredder

I’m not old – not some little granny – well, I’m a grandma, but a young grandma – just fifty-one.  That’s just eight years older that Julia Roberts who just finished eating, praying and loving, and it’s ten years younger than Merly Streep.  And I’ll be any age that lets me sing my heart out to Pierce Brosnan ( age fifty-six)) on a mountain top in Greece.

But I breezed into my local office supply store to update my printer because it ‘thinks’ way too long before it will respond to my tapping the print button, and in no time I felt like I was born in ‘the early days’ as my grandmother used to say.   I had to direct myself to listen really, very carefully to the twelve year old sales clerk who was so patiently telling me why it wasn’t the printer that was at fault, but that the printer was too fast for my much older tower computer’s USB port and what I needed was not a printer, but to replace the ancient computer with a small lap top which I could buy for not much more than the high tech printer I wanted (but didn’t need) and if I wanted the teeny tiny laptop that would fit in my purse, all I needed was a exterior hard drive which was the size of a deck of cards or I could even (be patient, I could have this confused in my addled fifty-one-year-old mind, as my  concentrating was further impaired when the baby clerk mentioned something about the system his wife used – did twelve-year-olds have wives – was he possibly twenty-four?) …yeah, I could even sign onto a hard drive warehouse thingy where they (were they robots) could keep my hard drive contents on a shelf somewhere far away.

We have a same age friend who tells my husband and I that we have to “embrace technology”,  and believe me I want to.  I do.  Or I did. But my heart was beating so, so fast in my efforts to embrace what the hec this clerk was talking about and I remembered that I needed a new  fade and water resistant uni-ball bright coloured felt pen to replace the old one that one of my adult kids took off with the last time they were home, so I let the nice ‘man’ help someone else while I went to catch my breath one aisle over.  What caught my eye next was a paper shredder – I refuse to buy a paper shredder.  Now that is a testament to one’s age.  Ask anyone over sixty – they all own paper shredders.  Probably even Merly Streep.

8 thoughts on “Embrace Technology Because I’m Too Young for a Paper Shredder

  1. Technology is wonderful and what makes human beings challenged. There are a few negatives things about technology. It changes fast so you can buy or update your computers, i-pads, cell phones, etc. Some of these devices strapped you. You wonder who has texted, e-mailed, facebook or called? Take a walk without your phone and stop to smell the roses. Life only passes you by once and enjoy.


  2. Sometimes I kind of enjoy not being too computer literate. I find myself saying things to my kids like “Huh? Really? This seems sooo complicated, could you just do it for me?” Sort of like when they were first learning how to work the washing machine, and dishwasher, and oven, and vaccuum cleaner and …


  3. Imagine having a few hundred ‘wired’ know-all’s in your life every day… no wonder my heart palpitates wildly all day long. Long for the days when it only raced when I say a handsome guy in his tight Levy jeans cross the street …


  4. Our heads used to be in the clouds, now our data is. Run, Forest, run and ask the nearest married child clerk what that all means!


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