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cropped-cropped-image3.jpgI’m a writer and mother of four ‘kids’. I was still pining over the firstborn’s swift departure, and only starting to write about the second’s being held at the Canada/U.S border with all his belongings in a plastic garbage bag, at the same time confused about whether it would be a positive or negative for the third child to enter an ashram, when our youngest, a sensitive homebody, left to spend five months in Italy. It’s not like they didn’t like it here.kids in italy sitting-1 They swear that they like did. But I had them in a cluster – four kids in five and a half years – and they left in a cluster.  Among my mixed bag of topics I’ve posted excerpts from the book – Text Me, Love Mom – Two Girls, Two Boys, One Empty Nest. Please do share your comments. I’m excited to see reader’s responses. And if you know anyone gearing up to say goodbye to their offspring I wrote the book Text Me, Love Mom; Two Girls, Two Boys, One Empty Nest for them. This story about ‘the next stage of parenting’ can be purchased in digital or print format by clicking on the booksellers listed here:  Amazon.com     Amazon.ca     Indigo/Chapters     Iguana Books   and in the UK at Amazon.co.uk
cover painitng*The book’s bird nest cover art is by artist Shea Proulx www.sheaproulx.com
Readings and book club engagements available on request from candace.allan@hotmail.com or through the Facebook page Text Me, Love Mom – the book
**** Names of the innocent (and not so innocent) have been changed to protect me. The copyright to EVERY single word written here and in this blog – Text Me Love Mom – belongs to Candace Allan.  Any violations of this will be taken very seriously.

7 thoughts on “About Candace Allan and contact

  1. love the way texting those grown kids [and grand kids] works–the speedy reply, the quick answer to whatever the question. Enjoyed browsing through your posts.


    • I tell all my friends with teenagers (especially boys) you have to text, your kids can stand with a group of cool peers and text you – “Playing basketball behind the school,” without answering their cell and obviously answering mom’s questions – even if they’re making out with a girl behind the mall – you know they’re out there and communicating.


  2. Hi Candace…So I’m at the extendatext stage – grandchildren. Wouldn’t think of calling 13-year-old Flannery and saying, how ya doing…but texting…she gets right back. Bonita


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