Oh Baby, I Can’t Get Enough

You know how people say, the best part of being a grandparent is that when they cry you can hand them back.  I poo-poo that.  (Well, I might hand her back when the poo-poo happens.)  But the best part of being my granddaughter’s grandma is I never want to hand her back.  I can’t get enough of little baby ‘Tessa’.*

I want to hold her little squirming body, and squeeze her plump cheeks, and pat her tiny back, and make squirty sounds against her belly, and stroke her silky hair, and have her teeny fingers squeeze mine, and smooch that hidden skin under her wobbly neck, and butterfly kiss her round face, and when she cries hold her whole little self firm and shush, shush, shush against her forehead, rocking her tired, or frustrated little being until I can be still with her, watching her breath  softly in my arms until she  sighs  and falls asleep…

Oh, baby  –  I don’t want to hand her back at all.

*  grand-baby’s name has been changed to protect the very, completely, oh so innocent.

7 thoughts on “Oh Baby, I Can’t Get Enough

    • I know – I love it, even more than I thought I’d love it. But am still embarrassed that I brought not five or ten or twenty photos of new grand baby to show a friend over lunch – no, the number of prints in my stack was more like thirty!


  1. My grandson was born in June 2010. I am blown away as he has destroyed, one by one, my beliefs about babies (and I raised three children):
    1. Babies don’t do much of anything
    2. Babies are boring
    3. Crying/fussy babies are annoying
    Because there aren’t a million other things going on in my head (like washing and cooking and cleaning and…), and because there isn’t the neverending (and at times, crushing) feeling of responsibility for every one of his actions, I am able to simply enjoy him. And that has created an opening to really experience him in a way I never did with my own kids. He is fascinating, whether he is laughing out of control or crying and miserable. The first time I rocked him, he rocked my world.


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