Give Me Teeny Green Buds of Hope and Promise

“Autumn arrives in early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day.”
–  Elizabeth Bowen

I’m not looking for something more, or something dramatically better, just please – something else.  I don’t want to see the tip-tip top of a rose bush’s dry crumbled leaves poking out of three feet of banked snow.  Give me teeny green buds of hope and promise.

I’ve had enough of the orange electrical cord stretched across the front yard to the car, whose battery was fine eight months ago, but is as worn away by the freezing weather as we are now.  Give me a line of trickling water running from the eaves to the drainpipe outside our bedroom window and down to the street.  The drip-drip sound will delight me now, rather than annoy me.

I’ve had enough of heating the car for a quick excursion because I can’t bear to sit my butt one more time on flipp’in seats like blocks of ice, and gingerly hold the steering wheel with four fingers less I frost bite my hands gripping it.  Give me sunshine and puddles and I will dance through them walking to the nearest grocery for milk and eggs.

Don’t make me wear my heavy wool coat one more time, or lose another glove, or wipe salt stains from my sturdy winter boots.   Let me don a carefree sweater against a soft spring breeze, a skirt swirling about my winter white legs, bare feet inside a pair of flats that expose the tops of my feet.

I don’t want to shovel the walks anymore.  I don’t want to.  I don’t want to.  I don’t want to.  I will prematurely rake the brown grass.  I will giddily push the lawn mower and drink the scent of cutting the fresh new lawn.  I will plant sweet peas in the wet soil and lovingly dig holes to push glad bulbs into.

Please mother nature.  Please.

15 thoughts on “Give Me Teeny Green Buds of Hope and Promise

  1. Our weather is crazy over here in “the ville”. Its been snowing continously for days and then yesterday began to rain only to turn to light hail with in a minute. I’m begging for it to warm up; its march already! Mom barely even got to see sun on her birthday! I’ll continue reading your storys and blogs, xoxo, Maygen.


  2. It’s good, but could’ve been summed up in six words. “I want to move to Vancouver.” Plus eight and sunny right now.


  3. Come to New York City. The only constant is that the weather is constantly changing. Yesterday alone the temperature went from 20F degrees to 56F degrees back down to 10F degrees in a 14 hour period.

    I’m from Toronto where the weather had some consistency in the winter and I loved it. With all this change I live by the weather forecast and never know when I get up in the morning whether I’ll be wearing my winter boots and scarf, my raincoat, or a light jacket. And the forcaster often gets it wrong and I get soaked, or frozen.

    I never used to get sick by my immune system is so beat up by this weather that I suffer colds and sinus infections on a regular basis here.

    Whether it’s the “cold Canadian air” or the “warm wet southern air” we get whacked with every front that comes by.

    What I wouldn’t give for a nice consistent month. My sinuses and body would be much better off.

    Love to all.


    • There’s a Chinook today – a one day chinook they are calling it. Someone on the radio called it “A little nookie”. You know, the warm wind that comes to melt things for a bit.


  4. I will have no sympathy from anyone returning from a tropical winter break, but the temperature swing from paradise to hell is too much to bear. And the kids in BC have budding trees and cherry blossoms around the corner. God help us all in this wasteland.


  5. I hear you!! I am so sick and tired ot this winter I could cry!!


  6. Thank you Candy for reminding us that spring will arrive someday soon (I hope). This is lovely!



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